about us

Mr.Mirnezam Garakouei founder of Mirnezam Company was born in 1929. He got engaged in business prior to his graduation and because of his eagerness and capability in mechanics he became a technician in repairing rice milling and cocoon machinery and electrical engines, etc. To boost his experimental knowledge, he traveled to Ireland and studied in the city of Belfast, and at the same time, he worked in Davidson Co. (Sirocco) and Lister Black Stone Co.

He established his manufacturing workshop named "Remod" after returning to Iran in 1961, and began to manufacture tea processing machinery for which he had learned about its technology in Ireland and with his effort and diligent that little workshop took control of Iran tea industry, but this was just the beginning ...

Mr.Mirnezam by his family's support decided to change the Remond workshop to Mirnezam Co. and established a new production line of manufacturing poultry industrial slaughterhouses in Iran. By enjoying previous experiences and advance technology and knowledge, his company manufactures machinery which competes with similar products from developed western manufacturers.
Mirnezam Co. established 70 tea factories and more than 120 poultry slaughter houses in Iran, and also by manufacturing mobile slaughterhouses took control of market of some parts of neighbor countries which raise poultry in low amount.

Today name of Mirnezam Co. defines as high quality, safety, firmness and appropriate after sales services, this was credit and reliance for which Mirnezam Company had tried to obtain for years and finally he achieved.